Gifts from Great Lakes Region

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The Holiday season is approaching fast. You might be still shopping for some gifts for relatives or friends. Maybe you would like to give them something that relates to the Great Lakes. Not the stereotypical sweatshirt with “I love …” logo, nor the similar coffee mug… Below are some “gifts from Great Lakes” ideas that are unusual and unique.



There are many books out there about Great Lakes history, shipwrecks, lore, geology, travel, etc out there. Below are two popular titles.

Gifts from Great Lakes Region

The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of Inland Seas by Jerry Dennis. According to the publisher, “The Living Great Lakes is the most complete book ever written about the history, nature, and science of these remarkable lakes at the heart of North America.”


Gifts from Great Lakes Region

Great Lakes: Shipwrecks and Survivals by William Ratigan. The book is a chronicle of the most spectacular shipwrecks and survivals on the Great Lakes.



Gifts from Great Lakes Region

2019 wall calendar


If you’re having a problem selecting a title, you can always give a Great Lakes Wall Calendar for a whole year of beautiful Great Lakes scenery.

Obviously, there are many more interesting choices that I just cannot list here, but you can find them on Amazon, or at your local bookstore.



Gifts from Great Lakes Region

There are some unique foods that come from the Great Lakes region. For example, thimbleberry jams or preserves from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, or cherry preserves from the Traverse City area of the Lower Peninsula. Then there are different kinds of cheeses from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Finally, for somebody with a sweet tooth, there is famous Mackinac Island fudge.

Gifts from Great Lakes Region



The one unique gift that comes to my mind is the Shinola brand watch made in Detroit, MI. Yes, American made watches from Detroit.

Gifts from Great Lakes Region



There are beer glasses from the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, OH.

Gifts from Great Lakes Region


Another gift option would be a bottle of local wine from the region. Wines from many region’s wineries are often available at your local grocery or wine store.



From wood nautical maps of Great Lakes, to pottery (store no longer in business), Indian craftslithographs, and photographs (self-promotion here) – you can find it here.

Gifts from Great Lakes Region

Great Lakes wooden map

Gifts from Great Lakes Region

Dancing Woman Gourd


Gifts from Great Lakes Region



Gifts from Great Lakes Region

South Haven Lighthouse framed photograph

Rich S. is a lifetime photographer and traveler based in Metro Detroit area. He has been traveling the Great Lakes area for over 30 years. Follow his blog about his trips, interesting activities and destinations in the Great Lakes region.

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