Iron Belle Trail – The Long Distance Hiking & Biking Trails in Michigan

Practically everybody knows about the great long trails, like Appalachian, Continental Divide or Pacific Crest Trail. But do you know that we have some grand, long distance, hiking and biking trails in Great Lake region? Yes, there two long trails, one biking, one hiking, under a common name – Iron Belle Trail! And they are in the center of Great Lakes, in Michigan.

Iron Belle Trail - two long distance hiking & biking trails in Michigan
Iron Belle Trail – hiking and biking routes.

Iron Belle Trail – Long distance hiking & biking trails in Michigan

The 1,273-mile (some info sites 1,259) hiking route follows for 1,150 miles the North Country National Scenic Trail. It traverses the west side of the Lower Peninsula, and borders Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula.

The 791-mile (again, some sources quote 773) bicycling route utilizes existing trails that were developed by local governments, counties or state. In Upper Peninsula the route follows US-2, which is a designated national biking route.

Both trails begin on Belle Isle on Detroit River, almost across from downtown Detroit.  And they end all the way in Ironwood in the western Upper Peninsula by the Wisconsin border.

These relatively new Michigan hiking and biking trails let you explore state’s natural, cultural and historic resources. They pass by some of Michigan’s scenic rivers and lakes and through extended patches of forest. They let you enjoy some big cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor, Saginaw and Bay City. But they also let you experience the climate of small “Up North” towns like Gaylord, Cheboygan, Mackinaw City and Escanaba.

For more information about Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail, visit Michigan DNR Iron Belle Trail page.

For information about Michigan state parks and DNR trails, visit the

Iron Belle Trail
Belle Isle Conservatory

The hiking route is about 69% complete, according to the Michigan DNR, and the bicycle route is at about 64% complete. Therefore, if you plan an epic journey, either hiking or biking, along one of the trails, plan your route carefully and check for the latest updates from MDNR to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The easiest way to stay up-to-date is to visit and click the red envelope to sign up for email updates.

Iron Belle Trail
Bicycles parked along the main street on Mackinac Island.

Crossing the Straights of Mackinac

One of the often asked questions, when it comes to the trail that routes through the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan, is how one can get across the Straights of Mackinac. Since you cannot walk or ride a bicycle across the Mackinac Bridge, there has to be some other way of getting across… And there are two options available.

Mackinac Bridge Authority

First option is to use the Mackinac Bridge Authority transport services. The transportation service across the bridge is offered 24/7. The fee is $5 per bicycle (includes one person per bike) and $3.50 for a pedestrian to ride in a Mackinac Bridge Authority vehicle. For northbound users, there is a phone at the south end of the bridge. Instructions for using the phone are posted in the phone box. If you are going southbound, you need to visit the Authority service window in the administration building on the north end of the Mackinac Bridge on the east side of the toll plaza.

Transport service is provided on an as-needed basis, and service is normally provided within ½ hour of the call.

To find out more info visit Mackinac Bridge Authority Transport Services page.

Iron Belle Trail
Hikers on a section of a trail in Northern Lower Peninsula.

Mackinac Island Ferries

The other option is more time consuming and more expensive, but offers many attractions. It simply means that instead of trying to cross the bridge, you take a ferry to Mackinac Island (from Mackinaw City). Then (after visiting the island) you take another ferry to St Ignace on the shore of the Upper Peninsula, or vice-versa, if you are traveling southbound.

The Mackinac Island Ferry service takes approximately 25 minutes from dock to dock, but is only provided at scheduled times. To find out schedules and prices of available ferry services visit Mackinac Island page.

Iron Belle Trail
Ferry on the way to Mackinac Island.

Learn more about Michigan’s trails at . You can, also, sign up for email updates by clicking the red envelope.

Iron Belle Trail
Tourists enjoy the beach at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

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While I have hiked and bike small sections of the trail, both, in Lower and Upper Peninsulas, I have not yet had a time to embark on journey that would encompass the entire length or even a significant portion of the trail. So, if you’ve already done so, please, share your impressions and observations by commenting below…

The long distance hiking & biking trails in Michigan are calling you! – Do you have what it takes to hike or bike them!

Iron Belle Trail - two long distance hiking & biking trails in Michigan
Iron Belle Trail logo.
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